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Sep 28, 2024, 2:30 PM
Soaring Capital Eagles Women in Aviation International Chapter, in partnership with Million Air, invites girls ages 7-18 to join our FREE event. The event brings all things aviation to one place so that children can learn about the industry.
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Girls in Aviation Day is an annual global event, hosted by Women In Aviation International chapters worldwide, that aims to show the incredible opportunities the aerospace industry can offer and inspire young girls to participate in this field.

By hosting Girls in Aviation Day in our local area, we aim to introduce girls to the exciting world of aviation, break gender stereotypes, and inspire them to consider careers in this dynamic industry.

The event features local aviation and STEM companies, engaging and educational activities, interactive workshops, and opportunities to interact with aviation professionals.

Sponsorships are vital to hosting and growing this free community event.

We look forward to discussing your participation with GIAD 2024

For any questions, email us at

Thanks to all our amazing sponsors, participants and volunteers for making this day possible! 

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